History and Future

Missing Piece Awareness History

The founders of Missing Piece Awareness, Dianne R. Porter and Kathleen Grieve have a combined forty years of experience working hands-on in the special needs field. Dianne, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and Kathleen, an Applied Behavior Analyst Therapist, met on a case during the summer of 2007. Since then, they shared a dream of creating their own business to improve the lives of the special needs children they serviced in a broader way. After innumerable lengthy discussions over the limitations of home therapy, they realized that the number one factor that contributes to students’ success was interacting in the local community.


Their shared belief led them to begin serious discussion as to how a business to support such change would look and how to take action. The research began in the summer of 2011. Notebooks full of comprehensive data provided by parents and case studies describing mistreatment of families were the foundation on which they developed their mission statement and core values. After training businesses solely based on the rapid spread of word of mouth, they recognized they had to take their organization to the next level. By winter of 2012, Kathleen and Dianne, with the help of Ken Braun and the skilled team at Lounge Lizard, developed a website and a logo representing their mission to address the growing interest in the organization’s services.


With rapid progress and increasingly higher and higher benchmarks of success, the company began to grow and required taking on more specialists to meet the demand for their services. The team grew as Missing Piece Awareness brought on seasoned experts in their field- an Information Technology Officer, a Business Development Executive, a Sales Director, a Marketing Analyst, a Training Manager, and multiple Special Education Trainers.


Since then, the Missing Piece Awareness team has been working diligently to achieve their goal of leading Missing Piece Awareness to the new heights in it’s mission to train, certify and support businesses in their efforts to provide meaningful, sustainable changes in how they service families affected by autism.


The founders have long maintained that their company will always remain a for-profit company in order to maintain the ability and leverage needed to spread their unwavering belief that ALL people with autism are extremely valuable to families, friends, businesses, the community and society as a whole.


Kathleen and Dianne have always understood that people with autism have innate and significant talents that can be broadened and developed further once given the opportunity to interact in their communities beginning at a young age. They witnessed first-hand the vast differences that were resulted when families affected by autism were supported in their efforts to break the cycle of isolation and participate as much as possible in their local communities. Whether it was visiting a restaurant or participating in a karate class, these community experiences ARE ESSENTIAL in the development of the basic skills that will enable people with autism to gain meaningful employment in the future.


Missing Piece Awareness is now well on their way of steadily building strong partnerships between the Autism Community and businesses. Together, the Missing Piece team has built not only the leading, but the ONLY, Management Consulting Firm that trains businesses in Autism Awareness. With rapid progress and increasingly higher and higher benchmarks of success, the firm began to grow and require taking on more specialists to meet the demand for their services.



Missing Piece Awareness Future


Every Missing Piece Awareness project is designed with the future in mind. Missing Piece Awareness understands that businesses must build and maintain their assets, and run their operations to make them leaner, more efficient and more resilient to hazards and change in a constantly-evolving and ever-morphing consumer-driven marketplace. Some might call this market unpredictable- but to us, it’s anything but. Our advanced research, training development, field work, program design, technical specialist and trend tracking teams challenge the conventional, producing new ideas, processes and solutions for better and more efficient performance- no matter the ongoing fluctuations in the marketplace.


We stay ahead of the curve. Missing Piece Awareness applies its world-class skills in applied training methodology and comprehensive understanding of the needs of a growing market segment to better manage the forthcoming market changes and shifts and to continue developing high-performance solutions for our clients. By perpetually reviewing and upgrading our practices and our steadfast commitment to renewing and revising the latest information, research and consumer trends and changing needs, you can be assured you are receiving the most cutting-edge guidance and instruction from Missing Piece Awareness.


Missing Piece Awareness designers consider future trends such as consumer fragmentation, as well as how an individual model will need to change with the times or its less crucial components may be developed in the future. The availability of our team’s combined knowledge, expertise and best practice play a key part in the sustainability of our program.


Missing Piece Awareness continually reviews and seeks out the most vanguard research and forefront analysis  as part of the firm’s pursuit of technical excellence. Our ‘Missing Piece Projections’ project is a program that explores the most significant future trends affecting our business, and the business of our clients. Its’ findings directly inform and drive Missing Piece Awareness’ direction as a company.


Investing in Missing Piece Awareness’ own people is a crucial part of our firm’s approach to business. A rigorous technical training program – as well as training on disciplines such as project management – equips Missing Piece Awareness team members for the challenges presented by the world’s most exciting projects. The intense emphasis on training and technical excellence means that Missing Piece Awareness will continue to attract and retain the best and brightest leaders, designers, thinkers and future workforce.

Missing Piece Awareness is poised for the future. Are you?