Leadership Team

Dianne R. Porter, Chief Executive Officer


As a recognized leader in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, Dianne R. Porter is one of only approximately 13,000 Board Certified Behavioral Analysts in the world, attaining her certification in 2008.  Dianne holds a B.A in Elementary Education from Saint Josephs College. She received her Masters Degree in Special Education from Dowling College and  completed the accredited coursework to sit for BACB exam at Stonybrook University.

Dianne has been one of the most sought-out experts in her field to work on specialty cases. Working with the special needs population since 1987, Dianne’s scope of experience includes working with the autism community both in the home and community, training and supervising staff in a multitude of roles and training and consulting with parents and caregivers of autistic and special needs children to equip them with the strategies, methods and knowledge to allow their child to reach their maximum potential. Dianne is an accomplished professional, analyzing and collecting data with an unparalleled eye for connecting causations and methodologies. She possesses an effective combination of analytical and leadership skills, with expertise in behavioral change procedures and systems support as well as discretionary behavior-analytic content.

Dianne offers a refined blend of executive acumen, leadership and a proactive future-oriented vision to maximize results for clients. Known for creating the vital strategic vision to exceed business goals and successfully build and lead a team, her adaptive nature and focus on independent thinking has resulted in a proven track record of success. Her background, diagnostic approach and systematic analysis provides her with the masterful ability to evaluate an organization’s specific procedures, aims and consumer base to create a targeted, individualized program for each and every client she works with.

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Kathleen Grieve, Chief Operating Officer


Kathleen has been practicing and utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis for the past 15 years. She has used this proven method in the field of education, targeted those in need of early intervention. Her wealth of knowledge and recognized talent allows her to intensively analyze our partners and target their individual needs.

Kathleen has a BA in History and Education from Manhattan College. She received her MS from City College of New York. Kathleen has specialized in the field of education using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). She pursued a career in early intervention, focusing on working with severely autistic children and their families. She quickly learned that the techniques of ABA, in teaching developmentally disabled children to speak, focus, and improve overall behavior, could make the impossible– possible!

Her expertise in the psychological field of Behaviorism has led to a vast understanding of human behavior. During years of consulting with children and their families, Kathleen became inspired and excited at the prospect that Applied Behavior Analysis could be applied to business. Through research, trials and observation, she discovered and recognized the core components of Applied Behavior Analysis fit a unique need within the business realm. Adapting these methodologies to match business practice improvement, she conceived and established a conceptual infrastructure and substantial applicable framework to apply them to all business models. Kathleen has a unique and unsurpassed ability to identify immediate and potential problems, create achievable goals, and accomplish effective solutions. Kathleen has participated in many successful projects over the years, including co-author of Learning through Literacy, co-founder of Out of My Shell. Leading Missing Piece Awareness, with her expert analytical background, she evaluates and scrutinizes business models and the staff behavior and performance to organize, formulate and institutes the most customized training programs modules to incorporate in ongoing projects and future ventures.

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Chief Business Development Officer, Victoria Boye


Victoria has an accomplished background in Business Development within the Corporate Finance Sector. She also has extensive experience in Business Development, Marketing and Branding for media outlets. She has a BA in Organizational Sociology from Binghamton University. She received a MSc in Major Programme Management from University of Oxford.

Throughout her career, she has created and implemented systems to support business growth through client definition, directional processes to enable expansion and collaboration with clients, business partners and providers. Victoria provided executive leadership for multiple projects for the advancement of the company’s operations and to exceed organizational objectives and surpass benchmarks. A decisive leader, she maintained high level contacts with clients and business partners while widening the scope and services of facilities and operational management departments. Victoria created strategic action plans to originate and develop new business ventures while expanding current businesses into larger markets. Victoria has a proven track record for successfully analyzing an organization’s key business requirements, identifying deficits and potential growth opportunities, and executing inspired, cutting edge and cost-effective solutions for identifying key markets, increasing revenues, exploring new marketing avenues, instituting first-rate strategies and taking the steps to create a competitive edge in the marketplace. She is a creative thinker with a proclivity to formulate out of the box ideas and implement those into tangible formats effectively and successfully.

Devising unique marketing opportunities, forging key affiliations, revamping and measurably improving resource management and managing cross-functional teams have been some of her key areas of achievement. With passion for autism awareness and the Missing Piece Awareness Mission as a mother of a son with autism, she is driven to implement vanguard business strategies, discover new ways to foster business growth, acquire targeted partners and strengthen client relationships.

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Angela M. Selvaggio, Vice President of Training


Angela Selvaggio joined Missing Piece Awareness as the Director of Training with a distinctive background in working with the autism population in a wide range of settings. Leading and managing the Training Department, Angela crafts and implements the meticulous and rigorous educational sessions for the staff of each business based on their needs, industry and necessary modifications while addressing the particular issues each business is facing.


Angela is a skilled leader, polished educator and a keen expert in her field. Her training experience includes developing and hosting in-service workshops for special educators as well as presenting information as a teacher representative at The Committee on Special Education in New York City.


Angela launched her education with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education/Special Education. Following up with a Masters of Education, Infant/Toddler Special Education from Saint Joseph’s College, Angela advanced her education with trainings and workshops in Behavior Modification, Independence of Children with Autism, Applied Behavioral Analysis Instruction and Assessment amongst a broad collection of others that have deepened her skill set and placed her at the forefront of her professional specialty arena. Her devotion to the autistic population is reflected in her achievements, endeavors and accomplished performance and involvement in the autism community.


Angela has worked with individuals with autism in the classroom setting as well as working one on one through the Early Intervention program. Using ABA strategies while running discrete trials and specific programs and coordinating parent relations, Angela is the ideal fit for her role with Missing Piece Awareness.


Her conscientious and meticulous analysis of each business is followed by her recommendations, preparation and design of Missing Pieces Awareness’ autism aware and accepting presentations and individualized modification programs. Angela oversees, coordinates and supervises the Missing Piece Awareness Training Team by administering vigorous instruction, maintaining the standards of the training program and steering each trainer’s execution of successful and effective training sessions. With stringent adherence to the Missing Piece Awareness policies and procedures for each and every training session, Angela ensures that the training team is able to achieve the highest level of quality administration and instruction.


With Angela’s ongoing diligent coaching and guidance, each trainer is equipped with the foundation of the Missing Piece core mission, the systematic proficiency and the cultivation of each trainer’s capacity to provide exemplary presentations and powerful trainings of the staff of the businesses we work with.

Through assiduous and comprehensive collaboration with the Missing Piece Awareness executives, Angela excels at governing the administration of the training sessions composition and structure. Directing the team of trainer specialists, Angela’s brings the most cutting edge methods and continuous dialogue to facilitate an ever-changing and evolving structured approach to ensure each business is equipped with the proper techniques, practices and program to successfully service the customers with autism and their families.

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Kimberly Norman, Vice President of Operations


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Chief of Information Technology- Ken Braun of Lounge Lizard Worldwide Inc.


Established in 1998, Lounge Lizard Worldwide, Inc. is an award winning web design company and mobile app developer located in NYC with offices in Long Island, and Los Angeles. Our agency shines when it comes to conceptualizing inspired and inventive online business models, brand friendly Websites, powerful direct response strategies, mobile applications and ingenious marketing strategies that create hyper-growth for our clients. We employ a full service staff made up of marketing strategists, project managers, creative designers, copy writers, online marketing experts, and technical developers who have the expertise necessary for conceiving new and innovative online and mobile solutions that help our customers retain and acquire new customers.

Contact Ken Braun at www.loungelizard.com/

Colleen Caunitz, Vice President of Sales

Colleen Caunitz specializes in sales and marketing. She graduated from Manhattan College with a BA in Sociology. During trips to Europe and the west coast, Colleen and her business partner Kathleen, saw the future success of Red Bull. At the time Red Bull was an unknown brand and concept to most of America. They decided to recruit Red Bull to New York City. Impressed with their initiative and persistence, Red Bull London hired Colleen along with key nightlife veterans to “seed” the New York City market. After a year of successfully selling the product into top New York City venues, Colleen was hired by Red Bull North America to become part of an elite initial launch team for the East Coast focusing on New York City.

Throughout the years, Colleen has successfully marketed and sold Red Bull into various businesses. Including but not limited to nightclubs, hotels, bars, restaurants, grocery chains, colleges, corporate cafeterias, and airports. She also ensured that Red Bull was available backstage at concerts, on movie sets and premieres, high profile events, DJ’s, athletes and other key influencers. Colleen has consulted on various brands, events, venues, and other demanding projects, eclipsing previous targets and setting new standards within those organizations. Through her reputation of hard work and honesty, she has developed a vast personal network. In her role at Missing Piece Awareness, Colleen is able to strategically place her contacts together to support their individual visions, initiate and employ unprecedented marketing campaigns and masterfully oversee the direction and objectives of the marketing division.

Contact Colleen at Colleen@missingpieceusa.com