Mission and Core Values

Our Mission


To equip every business with the tools and training they require to stand out as an organization that cares about the needs of those families with special needs, to enable them in customer acquisition as well as customer retention, to create a marketing plan built around their initiatives, to reach a whole new customer base and build their brand through the application of groundbreaking practices that will adequately prepare them for the changing times, diminish potential negative press and boost their reputation as a socially aware and proactive business. By making autism awareness and acceptance a part of your business, you are contributing to a growing movement and establishing commitment to a shift in public consciousness and perception that is gaining momentum by becoming a premier industry leader. With ongoing professional support, services, vast resources and a highly dedicated staff, your business is bolstered and sustained every step of the way. By joining the ranks of other businesses that are implementing this strategy, it is a win-win situation for your fiscal goals, reputation enhancement and protection, increasing your market share and setting a gold standard of excellence that treats it’s customers with dignity and respect.


Our Values


Missing Piece Awareness has a reputation for being an industry leader with pioneering innovations and for fresh approaches to growing challenges. The company’s creative spark, belief in equal opportunities for all individuals and accessibility to their community and intellectual independence has been there from its very beginning. A passion for establishing an industry standard for businesses is at the core of what drives us. These shared values are essentially derived from the beliefs and convictions of the company’s co-founders, Dianne Porter and Kathleen Grieve.


Missing Piece Awareness people are committed to explore new and effective ways to turn ideas into tangible reality. This passion is behind each and every project we take on. It is also behind the company’s uncompromising standards, continuous pursuit of excellence and willingness to invest in research, innovation, people and technology


Our very ownership structure – held in equity by it’s employees – assures that Missing Piece Awareness  preserves its independent spirit. Missing Piece Awareness’ operating principles and dedication to designing sustainable practices are paramount.  These shared values unify the Missing Piece Awareness team – a talented and diverse group of individuals; freely exchanging ideas and sharing opinions to continually excel.