Our Testimonials

Here’s what some of our trained and certified businesses and their customers had to say about Missing Piece Awareness.



With the population of students at my martial arts school, I always saw siblings on the sidelines who could not participate. Parents were inquiring about how to involve and integrate their special needs child into our classes. I believed that it would be a healthy outlet and positive way for these children to participate in an activity. Becoming certified had advantages not only for the special needs students but also for me as it enriched my knowledge on how to interact with all of my students in an effective and meaningful way. In teaching autistic children, I watched them advance and grow in ways I had not imagined. I had a student who began working with me privately, who could not participate in group classes, and on a grander scale, in his academic education. We used his sessions as a means for him to explore himself and his capabilities as well as increase his self-confidence. We were able to integrate him into mainstream classes. But the greatest benefit is that this child is now mainstreamed in his school and education. We never anticipated the crossover into his ability to effectively participate in school and that was a one of the most truly rewarding experiences of my career.

-Darryl, Owner of Atlas Martial Arts


Thank you so much! Everyone thought your team was amazing! My staff, although fairly young, found the meeting very informative and felt they truly got something out of it. They genuinely are a great staff and love to work with children, so they really did appreciate all the information your trainers  offered. They also felt that everything was explained to them on their level- and not in a way that they couldn’t understand or felt was boring. Every one of them has come to me on a personal note and thanked us for bringing in Missing Piece Awareness because they found the information both valuable and fun. Thank you again!

-Melissa Ross, Lil ‘Builders


Thanks to Missing Piece Awareness, I am confident to say that our staff received the necessary training needed to help and accommodate all of our guests that have children within the spectrum. We have learned so much about the autism community and are using this knowledge to better help us communicate with all of our guests. It’s been a great learning experience!”
-Kathryn Feeney, Sky Zone Ocean


Being trained was important to me because I want to be able to relate to my clients with special needs and to be able to meet their needs! This training will denitely help photograph future children and families, as now we are better able to understand the needs of our special needs children and their families! Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with these very special children!

-Evelyn Sederquist, Everlasting Memories In Time Photography Studio


Having Missing Piece Awareness come and provide our Team Members at Sky Zone Mount Sinai with training is something that we hold at such a great value, Now, not only are all of our team members fully able to handle any situation that comes their way, but we have a safe place for the children and individuals with special needs to visit and have fun. Sky Zone Mount Sinai can now provide every child with autism with countless hours of fun, therapeutic jumping and social interactions in our judgment-free environment. We welcome everyone as guest here at Sky Zone Mount Sinai and we wish to accommodate everyone in whatever way possible.

-Kevin O’Connor, Sky Zone Mount Sinai


We have spent years learning to adjust teaching practices to help our students with autism maximize their personal growth and potential- and this latest training by Missing Piece Awareness was another step forward on that venture. Following our training, we saw immediate diernces in how our staff  worked collaboratively with their students making them part of the decision-making process and helping them learn how they learn best.

-Kerry Leo, DaVinci Research and Education
Before this training, when children with special needs came in, I wasn’t sure how to best accommodate them. Now that I’ve recieved this training, I know how to handle it and how to treat it. I can get them on the trampoline and get them jumping as fast as possible.

-Andrew Neumann, Sky Zone Deer Park



This autism business training is vital to our community. It will bridge the gap, lending viable resources, products and services; providing exclusive opportunities for special needs families to shop, dine and plan family night outings with ease.

Being a mother with a child on the spectrum, I understand the importance of being able to go out anywhere and do anything; having that business’s specialized support, enables my family opportunities to enjoy life in ways we never imagined. I thank Dianne Porter and partners for creating a service that is striving to educate our community businesses and leaders one step at time.

-Kimberly Castro


I hope more companies take advantage of your services. Many businesses could benefit from training their staff.

-Eileen Mcgillicuddy-Scaturro


As a mother of a child with autism, I think these trainings an certifications are necessary for both businesses and the community. We look to your directory of trained businesses when choosing to go out. I hope more businesses recognize the value of providing this training to their employees so that more families with children with autism will choose to visit their business. Thank you for providing a much-needed service to businesses within our community.

-Sheryl Watts


This is a great opportunity!  I know many people that would benefit from this service. I will be sharing this place with the parents of my students affected by autism spectrum disorder.

-Jeanine McMahon Rotolo


At today’s Special Needs Event, I have to say the employees were fabulous with my autistic son!!! I loved that you had a special needs play time. The staff went above and beyond!

-Tina Maltese


I recently visited Sky Zone Deer Park for the first time.  I was with a large group for a birthday party, but included in the group was my severely autistic son.  I was not sure how he was going to handle the environment, but more importantly how the staff would handle him.  I was so unbelievably impressed with how kind and patient your staff was.  I remember especially that a young man named Garrett, walked us to the quiet “toddler area” and brought over a bunch of toys for my son Kyle to play with.  Another young man that was especially kind was Chris who was noticed that my son had special needs and went out of his way to see if we needed anything.  My husband and I were both given a pair of socks at no charge so that we could walk on the trampolines, in case Kyle needed our assistance (which he did, and I was glad we were right there).

As we were leaving I spoke with a manager named Chris and told him how touched I was with the entire staffs assistance and it was then that he informed me about how you train your staff on Autism Awareness, I was speechless, never have we attended an event outside of the autism community where staff had be trained on what to be aware of, and how to handle child with autism!!! I thank you for offering a fun, safe, and clean environment where I can now take my child without fear of judgment.



How I wish more entertainment facilities did this! This is AMAZING for the special needs community!

-Jennifer Stone


I am so thankful to Sky Zone Ocean Township for getting this training! My son had an awesome time today. The staff was great. We will definitely be regulars now excited to come back!!!

-Paula Paleta


“Sky Zone Raleigh- AMAZING!! Simply amazing! Wonderful experience with my non-verbal son, Ryan. After inquiring about the sock (they provide gripper socks) policy, because as some of u may know, some autistic kids have trouble keeping shoes and socks on… Like mine! Talked to the manager/owner only to find out she has an autistic son and her staff had just completed a training on how to work with, accommodate, and understand kids with autism! They provide Ryan with his own jump area as to not cause harm to him or him to anyone else! Thank you, Julie, Anthony, and Donte! We will definitely be back on our next visit in June!”