Bustos Martial Arts Academy now Trained and Certified

We are thrilled to announce that Missing Piece Awareness has trained and certified Bustos’ Martial Arts Academy in autism awareness and acceptance!
bustoslogoBustos’ Martial Arts Academy, located in Plainview, NY, is a premier martial arts center that offers Kenpo Karate classes for children, teens and adults. Self-defense classes, bully prevention, and Karate Birthday parties are also available.


Shihan John Busto, owner of Bustos’ Martial Arts Academy, has always been dedicated to providing Martial Arts programs to students of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. “Our goal is for all of our students to learn not only how to defend themselves physically, but to become mentally focused, self-disciplined and confident individuals who have the utmost respect for themselves and others.”


Shihan John’s commitment to fostering great values and developing confidence and respect for others was evident upon walking through the door and meeting the instructors. All of the instructors exuded a strong sense of confidence and respect along with an eagerness to learn about autism and behavioral strategies that will support their students. While Bustos’ Martial Arts Academy is already successful in welcoming and working with children with special needs, including autism, ADHD, and sensory processing disorders, John Busto took the initiative to take his instructors and his academy to a new level. John made the decision to train and certify his entire staff in Autism Awareness in order to provide his instructors with tools, strategies, and techniques to better serve all students. The training provided strategies and information that would help instructors to identify, connect with and engage students who may have sensory, communication and social difficulties.


P1000478Dianne Porter, CEO of Missing Piece Awareness stated, “Busto’s is a perfect match for children with a diagnosis and martial arts students that may have had difficulty in other places. Shihan John and his team are eager to develop long lasting relationships with their martial arts families and are fully equipped to provide a successful experience for all the students.”


Prior to a student beginning classes, instructors evaluate and establish clear and attainable goals for each student. While classes are fun and create social opportunities, there is also a strong sense of repetition, routine and structure, all of which are beneficial for children with autism. Self-defense, large and small groups, as well as one on one instruction, are all available for students depending upon their unique and individual learning needs. Busto’s Martial Arts Academy’s reputation of an “ego-free” team atmosphere is contagious and a one-of-a-kind program. It is a perfect environment for students of ALL abilities to learn and grow together! Parents can be comfortable bringing the family to classes where siblings of all abilities can participate in a fully inclusive, supportive and welcoming environment.


P1000457During the training, the Busto’s team members displayed a genuine enthusiasm and passion in learning more about working with their students with autism and other special needs. Staff members were inquisitive and responsive, often asking targeted questions on how to work through specific behaviors. The instructors as a whole realized the importance of the interactive training in understanding how to meet all their student’s needs. “We can provide students with special needs a more personalized experience because we understand and can anticipate what they may need.”


Bustos’ Martial Arts Academy’s enthusiastic team members are thoroughly equipped with the knowledge, strategies and instruction to welcome and effectively engage children of all abilities.