Certification Process

For a Training and certification, businesses receive:



  • Evaluate your business’ individual needs
  • Determine what training and supports are necessary to make your businesses fully accessible to families affected by autism and other disabilities



  • We provide extensive training to your staff to ensure that they are well prepared to service EVERY customer!



  • Once certified, you receive a wide range of marketing services to ensure your business is visible to our extensive network of families.



  • The ability to use the Missing Piece Autism Aware Emblem on all or any of your marketing materials, including your website, as well as in your physical business.
  • Collaboration, recommendations and guidance in creating an individualized marketing plan to capitalize on your certification
  • A listing in the online and print Missing Piece Awareness Certified Business Directories
  • Email campaigns
  • Event Promotions
  • Social Media
  • Cross-promotion and networking benefits with other certified businesses
  • Potential inclusion in our third party press publicity and media coverage
  • Marketing for your business at the variety of industry events we attend
  • Access to our educational and not-for-profit partnerships and much more!



  • Our professional staff provides ongoing support if your business has special events or specialized programs
  • We can assist you in designing specialized products exclusive to your business such as picture menus or social stories
  • We help you design modified programs such as specialized birthday parties or exercise programs



  • We provide guidance and/or direct support from a number of Special Needs Experts to help you meet all of your customers’ needs:

– Certified Special Education Teachers

– Speech and Language Pathologists

– Occupational Therapists