Family and Advocate Feedback

Family and Advocate Feedback


To make Missing Piece Awareness a success, we need your help! We are compiling information from individuals with autism, families with an autistic family member and others involved in the autism community. In order to best serve the special needs community, we are interested in your input and experiences so that we can best improve future experiences in public forums through training organizations and companies to be autism aware. Your feedback is valuable to us. Please take a few moments to complete the following questions about your preferences and experiences regarding your interactions within the community. These efforts will help us to advance our mission of creating autism awareness and autism friendly business environments for all of us that deal with this critical issue. Thank you for your time!


Missing Piece Awareness Survey




We would like your feedback regarding your experience at a Missing Piece Awareness Inc., certified business. Please complete this brief survey as your feedback will help us to make sure certified businesses are meeting the needs of the population affected by autism.


Customer Feedback Survey for Certified Businesses