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To make Missing Piece Awareness a success, we need your help! Creating change, increasing autism awareness and acceptance and encouraging businesses to be trained and certified so families can be more active members of their community takes a collective effort. The greatest catalyst for change are the voices of families and individuals that deal with this personally and advocate for change- the collective power of many. In order for us to advance our mission of training businesses nationally and making this an industry standard, we need your help.


There are many ways to get involved to assist your own family, improve your experiences in the public arena and advocate for change. We encourage members of the autism community, supporters and advocates to keep current on and active in ongoing advocacy issues regarding autism awareness and about Missing Piece Awareness. The benefits of being involved in the autism community and Missing Piece Awareness are many. You will be able to discover new businesses where you will be welcomed, accommodations will be in place and you will be accepted and treated with the dignity and respect you deserve.


Family and Advocate Feedback 

To make Missing Piece Awareness a success, we need your help! We are compiling information from individuals with autism, families with an autistic family member, advocates and others involved in the autism community. In order to best serve the special needs community, we are interested in your input and experiences so that we can best improve future experiences with businesses. With your input, we can provide the most targeted trainings and find the businesses you most desire to be autism aware and accepting. Your feedback is valuable to us. Please take a few moments to complete the following questions about your preferences and experiences regarding your interactions within the community. These efforts will help us to advance our mission of creating autism awareness and autism  accepting business environments for all of us that deal with this critical issue. Thank you for your time!





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 Reach Out to Your Local Businesses

Reach out to your local businesses and tell them about Missing Piece Awareness training and certification. By letting them know that they can better serve their customers, they may decide to get on board with autism awareness and acceptance.

 Find and Visit Trained Businesses in Your Community

Consult our Certified Businesses Directory to find businesses in your area. Our directory continues to grow and is kept current with comprehensive resource listings. Click here to start your search.

 Visited A Trained Business? Tell us About Your Experience

Did you visit a Missing Piece Awareness trained business? Please share your input about your visit.


 Report A Negative Experience or Commend a Business

Contact us if you feel you were mistreated or your needs were not met as a customer. We will contact them on your behalf to advocate for the autism community, notify them about the opportunity to be trained and certified, and advise them of the growing demand for practices and policies to better serve their customers. If you have had a positive experience at a business where they have exceeded your expectations, please let us know about them so that we can commend them and review their practices and consider potential certification. Contact info@missingpieceusa.coms

Spread The Word

Let your family, friends, supporters, other individuals and families affected by autism and the autism community know about Missing Piece Awareness through word of mouth, social media or forwarding our newsletters. The more support we have behind us, the more effective we will be in creating sustainable change in our communities!