January 5, 2015

Media Coverage on Sky Zone & Missing Piece Awareness

A must-read about Sky Zone Mount Sinai, NYSky Zone Deer Park and Missing Piece Awareness, spotlighted with rave reviews in an article. Writer Staci Gerardi, Owner of NovemberSunflower.com visited the NEW Mount Sinai trampoline park, being “big fans of the Sky Zone Deer Park location”. Read what she had to say about her experiences, her insights and feedback from and for parents about these locations, Sky Zone as a company and Missing Piece Awareness Training!

 Sky Zone Cares Long Island


Read the full article at  http://novembersunflower.com/2015/01/sky-zone-cares-long-island-2/

“One word to describe Sky Zone Cares nights: Beautiful. Families spending time together, doing something beneficial for their health, and their family relationships. Many families aren’t able to do things as one unit at parks like this, but Sky Zone Cares gives them the chance to have a family night out, and no one is left behind. No one feels out of place. EVERYONE feels welcome, and has fun. A lot of smiling faces, and laughter, fills Sky Zone on the first Monday of each month. The music might be dialed down a bit, but the noise level of happy kids, parents, and staff members is just as loud as any jam packed jump hour during regular business hours! It’s a big place, and families take advantage of every trampoline, foam pit, and basketball lane! There was even a Dodgeball game happening on one of the courts.


What shines the most, after the smiling faces, is the staff. The training they receive from Missing Piece Awareness is voluntary, and intense. These kids working at Sky Zone aren’t required to be trained for these special kids, they CHOOSE to do it. Just think about that for a second: kids working at Sky Zone volunteer to go through training, so they can work during Sky Zone Cares.”

Continued at http://novembersunflower.com/2015/01/sky-zone-cares-long-island-2/