April 15, 2015

Sky Zone Mount Sinai Trained and Certified!

We are excited to announce that Missing Piece Awareness has trained and certified Sky Zone Mount Sinai, NY  in autism awareness and acceptance- skilled and equipped to to successfully serve jumpers of ALL abilities.

Sky Zone Mount Sinai will be holding the ‘Sky Zone Cares’ Exclusive Special Needs Time the third Monday of each month from 3:00- 6:00. A personalized picture schedule to explain the rules will be available at the park, as well as a social story on their website to ease with transitions. A parent or caregiver can even participate for free with each paying jumper.

In addition to their staff being trained, special modifications and accommodations have been implemented by the management team to ensure a positive and smoother experience for it’s jumpers with special needs and their families. Sky Zone Mount Sinai’s phenomenal team members are thoroughly equipped with the knowledge, strategies and instruction to welcome and effectively engage jumpers of all abilities.

“Having Missing Piece Awareness come and provide our Team Members at Sky Zone Mount Sinai with training is something that we hold at such a great value,” shared Kevin O’Connor, Supervisor, “Now, not only are all of our team members fully able to handle any situation that comes their way, but we have a safe place for the children and individuals with special needs to visit and have fun. Sky Zone Mount Sinai can now provide every child with autism with countless hours of fun, therapeutic jumping and social interactions in our judgment-free environment. We welcome everyone as guest here at Sky Zone Mount Sinai and we wish to accommodate everyone in whatever way possible.”

After one of the training sessions, team member Melissa explained, “I thought the training was great- especially the hands on activities we did. It really helped me see through the eyes of someone with autism and understand what I need to do. Now, I know the strategies I should be using and how to be a better Sky Zone team member when working with those with autism, or any special needs.”

The Missing Piece Awareness training facilitators enjoyed how involved the team members were in the training. The eagerness the team members showed to work (and jump!) with individuals with autism and special needs was repeatedly voiced.  Team member Dakota expressed, “I loved the training because it gave us an interactive experience. It helped us understand someone with autism and how to work with jumpers. I’m really excited to work the Sky Zone Cares events!”

Sky Zone Mount Sinai Trampoline Park is a 28,000-square-foot facility, with multiple trampoline courts, basketball courts and a foam pit of 10,000 square foam cubes. Sky Zone Mount Sinai’s birthday parties are loved by all ages. In  addition to the Open Jump Times, they offer variety of programs for all ages and interests, including SkyFit, for the ultimate workout, Toddler Time, Sky Jam for teens, Jumpapalooza, Extreme Dodgeball,Volleyball Night and more.

As Sky Zone Mount Sinai explains it, “We are dedicated to providing you with the pure joy that comes with flying. We are sky lovers, thrill seekers and people who believe that jumping is freedom. We believe fitness can be fun and play can be smart. We are healthy and bursting with energy. Sky Zone Mount Sinai is the ultimate 3-D play experience! We fly high and keep it safe.”