March 2, 2015

Sky Zone Ocean Township Trained and Certified!

We are thrilled to announce Missing Piece Awareness has trained and certified Sky Zone Ocean Township, NJ in autism awareness and acceptance – skilled and equipped to to successfully serve jumpers of ALL abilities!


In addition to their staff being trained, special modifications and accommodations have been implemented by the management team to ensure a positive and smoother experience for it’s jumpers with special needs and their families. Sky Zone Ocean Township’s exceptional team members are thoroughly prepared  with the knowledge, strategies and instruction to welcome and effectively engage jumpers of all abilities!

While they will be welcoming jumpers with special needs at all times, Sky Zone Ocean Township will be hosting Sky Zone Cares the second Monday of each month from 3:00-6:00PM for jumpers with special needs. Beginning April 13th, during this Exclusive Special Needs Jump Time, they will dial down the noise, increase the staff ratio and limit the capacity for the enjoyment of their special needs guests.

“The Sky Zone Cares Program is a great opportunity for families to get accustomed to our park during a time that is set specifically for them!” Kathryn Feeney, Events Manager, explained, “We want to become that familiar place where you can take your child at any time. If you need a session to get your child used to coming here; that’s when you come to The Sky Zone Cares Program!”

Sky Zone Ocean Township will have a social story specific to their venue available on their website and at the park. The social story will assist jumpers and their families by facilitating a smoother transition and letting them know what to expect. Furthermore, the team members at Sky Zone will have a Picture Schedule available- an explanation of the rules told in photos. These materials, created by Missing Piece Awareness, are wonderful compliments to a visit- and we are enthused that the Sky Zone Ocean Township management is so excited to provide them to their jumpers.

Clearly devoted to improving opportunities for the special needs communities, owners Barbara and Mark Glazer wanted to have their team trained and implement special accommodations to be offered to ensure jumpers of all abilities could join in the fun. Mark expressed his drive, “We are thrilled to bring a special needs friendly experience to Monmouth County that enables families to share Awesome Healthy Fun together. We know how important jumping is from a therapeutic standpoint and we wanted to create an environment where everyone is able to enjoy our wall to wall trampoline park. Training our staff, with Missing Piece Awareness, was the first step to making Sky Zone Cares a success.

Kathryn explained, “We want everyone to be able to experience the freeing joy of jumping on our trampolines. It’s important that our guests are in a comfortable environment where they feel welcomed and safe! Having our staff trained to accommodate everyone will qualify us to have that welcoming atmosphere!”

Our team at Missing Piece Awareness was profoundly impressed with each and every team member’s enthusiasm, interest and participation during the interactive trainings- as well as the questions asked and sharing of experiences, personal familiarity and involvement with the special needs community. The genuine eagerness and passion the team members they showed to work (and jump!) with individuals with autism and special needs was heartwarming and inspiring.Kathryn contributed her insight, “Thanks to Missing Piece Awareness, I am confident to say that our staff received the necessary training needed to help and accommodate all of our guests that have children within the spectrum. We have learned so much about the autism community and are using this knowledge to better help us communicate with all of our guests. It’s been a great learning experience!

Sky Zone Ocean Township, boasting over 21,000 square feet of trampoline surface in a 35,000 square foot facility, is the FIRST business in New Jersey to be trained and certified in autism awareness and acceptance.

Sky Zone Ocean Township’s birthday parties are loved by all ages. In addition to their Open Jump Times for all, they offer variety of programs for all ages and interests, including Ultimate Dodgeball, SkySlam, SkyFit/SkyRobics, Toddler Time, Jumpapalooza, group events and more. Sky Zone Ocean Township’s wall-to-wall trampoline courts are designed as a fun and fit outing for all ages, shapes and sizes.

At Missing Piece Awareness, we are truly grateful for Sky Zone Ocean Township’s sincere commitment to serving the autism and special needs population- and that this opens the door to families in a whole new area for Sky Zone FUN!

Find out more at their website or facebook page.