February 1, 2015

Sky Zone Raleigh Trained and Certified!

Sky Zone Raleigh has been trained and certified by Missing Piece Awareness! In addition to the staff being trained to be autism aware and accepting, special modifications have been implemented by the management team to ensure a positive and smoother experience for it’s jumpers with special needs and their families. Sky Zone Raleigh’s phenomenal team members and management are thoroughly equipped with the knowledge, strategies and instruction to successfully welcome and effectively engage jumpers of all abilities- but the compassion, accepting attitude, eagerness and desire the team shows to work with special needs jumpers was present before we even walked in the door! Owners Julie, a former intensive pediatric care nurse and mother of a special needs child, and Bob Russell learned of the Missing Piece Awareness training program and immediately signed on. They were excited to give their staff a full understanding of how to work and communicate with their special needs jumpers and further their commitment to the surrounding special needs community.
We are grateful for their unparalleled enthusiasm and commitment to serving the special needs population- and that this opens the door to more families with special needs in a new area for Sky Zone FUN!  We were profoundly impressed with each and every team member’s enthusiasm, interest and participation during the interactive trainings- as well as the questions asked and sharing of experiences, personal familiarity and involvement with the special needs community. The genuine eagerness and passion the team members showed to work (and jump!) with individuals with autism and special needs was heartwarming and inspiring. We were honored for Sky Zone Raleigh welcoming us and for demonstrating such capability, proficiency and commitment to engage jumpers of ALL abilities!  We are certain that even more Raleigh special needs families and groups will LOVE visiting Sky Zone Raleigh and be as impressed as we were with their skilled, earnest and friendly team. 
Team member Tara told us after the training session, “This training is excellent. This training program needs to be more publicized so that other businesses undergo them. It allows children with autism and disabilities to function in society and not be segregated. Just taking this training, it gives me the ambition to go to school for special education. I thought I had an understanding of autism- but after this training, I know so much more.”
Another team member, Tabryn Rose, contributed her insight, “The training gives us an opportunity to have fun, learn and have an improved outlook of what a person with autism is experiencing.”
Sky Zone Raleigh is the FIRST business in North Carolina to be trained and certified in Autism Awareness and Acceptance. Sky Zone Raleigh Trampoline Park is a 26,000-square-foot facility with 15,000 square feet of trampolines,  dodgeball and basketball courts and a foam pit of 10,000 square foam cubes.  
Sky Zone Raleigh’s birthday parties are loved by all ages, and in addition to their Open Jump Times for all, they offer variety of programs for all ages and interests, including Family Fun Night, Jumpapalooza, Homeschool Specials, Youth Dodgeball, Adult Dodgeball, SkyFit and more.
As Sky Zone Raleigh explains it, “We are dedicated to providing you with the pure joy that comes with flying. We are sky lovers, thrill seekers and people who believe that jumping is freedom. We believe fitness can be fun and play can be smart. We are healthy and bursting with energy. Sky Zone Raleigh is the ultimate 3-D play experience! We fly high and keep it safe.” 
Find out more at Sky Zone Raleigh’s website or facebook page.