January 5, 2015

Sky Zone Staff Members Receive National Recognition For It’s Work With Autism And Special Needs

A HUGE Congratulations to Chris and Garrett of Sky Zone Deer Park on their national recognition for their outstanding work with jumpers with special needs, winning the National Sky Zone WOW Award in December! Kudos tot Chris, Garrett and the entire staff at Sky Zone Deer Park for their dedication to the special needs community.

At Missing Piece Awareness, we are exceptionally proud to see how wonderfully the staff is interacts with their jumpers with autism and special needs. The Sky Zone team members are profoundly committed and enthusiastic about giving all children, families and individuals a fun experience! We are gratified to read and hear tremendous positive feedback and praise for Sky Zone Deer Park. We have received rave reviews from many about their experiences at Sky Zone, and accolades about their team members, level of service, supportive environment, diverse programs for all and special events- and for taking the proactive initiative in being trained and certified autism awareness and acceptance. Truly leading the way!

Find out more at http://www.skyzone.com/deerpark/Home.aspx

Sky Zone Deer Park Receives National Recognition